Respect for Value Creators and Their Passion

1847 (OTC: EFSH) is a publicly traded partnership. Our controlled buying model combines the most attractive attributes of owning private, lower middle market businesses, with the liquidity and transparency of a publicly traded company. We are not lenders or minority owners. Our operational characteristics are based on simplicity, focus, speed, and flexibility. Our experience allows us to map the most profitable path forward, case by case for our portfolio companies, in close collaboration with management.

We provide shareholders with non-correlated returns while allowing shareholders to liquidate their position in 1847 Holdings LLC at any point during an investment timeline. Our unique structure permits flow-through tax treatment for shareholders. As a result, 1847 will seek to generate returns for shareholders through consistent, annual distributions of operating subsidiary income and capital appreciation resulting from the timely sale of operating subsidiaries.

Why 1847?  The 1847 brand is a historical reference to the year in which the Liberian Republic declared itself independent: July 26, 1847.    The independence of Liberia marked the final stage of a US colonization project, implemented in 1816, to repatriate black Americans to Africa.  July 26th is celebrated nationally as Independence Day of Liberia.

Liberia was the first and the only black independent Republic in Africa. Its Constitution, form of government, and flag were modeled after the United States.  Liberia’s capitol of Monrovia was named after the 5th US President, James Monroe.

Ellery Roberts, the founder and CEO of 1847, visited Liberia in 1978 as a precocious 8 year old.  This visit cemented his fascination with the history of Liberia and its unique relationship with the United States.  In 2013, when Mr. Roberts decided to formalize his investment strategy to target lower middle market companies as the foundation of building a public conglomerate, he thought it was an opportune time to honor his lineage.  This included his Liberian mother (Eleanor W. Baker), grandfather (Col. Nathaniel H. S. Baker, Sr), grandmother (Tenneh Barclay), and great grandfather (Edwin J. Barclay).

Colonel Baker served in The Liberian Frontier Force, and worked for two Liberian Presidential administrations: as a senior government official under President William V. S. Tubman, and in a national security advisory role for President William R. Tolbert.  Tenneh was a school teacher, and the adopted daughter of 18th Liberian President Edwin J. Barclay, and his wife Euphemia.  President Barclay served from 1930 – 1944, and was a committed US ally during World War II.

Eleanor, now a naturalized US citizen, came to the United States after graduation from High School to attend Syracuse University.  There, she met and fell in love with her husband Lewis F. Roberts. They have been married for 54 years.