Current Subsidiaries

Specialty Retail

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Asien’s is well-known, highly respected, and one of the oldest appliance retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Asien’s will provide a solid foundation as 1847 leverages its team’s extensive experience with previous high-growth retail operations such as Hatworld/Lids, Teavana and Regional Management Corporation.  1847’s expectation is it will continue to grow market share, and build a more dominant presence in the surrounding area.

Construction Services

Headquartered in Boise, ID, the company believes strong housing demand in the region is driven by out-of-state immigration into Idaho. Current operations are focused primarily in the Boise area, providing opportunities to capitalize on high-growth adjacent regions. In addition to regional expansion, 1847 Holdings plans to expand capacity by increasing the network of builders, participating in new bids, and investing in facilities and labor resources. Product line expansion and broadening sales channels to include multifamily housing, remodels, and DIY segments could further accelerate growth.  Idaho’s population grew by 2.1% in 2019, faster than any other state, and the Boise Metro Area was the eighth fastest growing metro in the US, seeing a population increase of 2.8%. Driven by retirees and older workers attracted to lower home prices, shorter commutes, less natural disasters, and fewer taxes, the majority of inbound Idaho movers earn above the state income level.

Automotive Products

WOLO MANUFACTURING CORP. is a leader in horn technology (electric, air, truck, marine, electronic specialty, air & back-up alarms) and vehicle emergency warning lights offering the highest quality and the largest selection for cars, trucks and industrial equipment. Wolo has supplied innovative automotive products: horns, emergency warning lights, security and lighting, to the automotive aftermarket for more than 45 years.